Pony Days

Owning your own pony or horse is a huge responsibility, commitment and as some of you may know a huge dent in your wallet! The actual purchasing of a pony is often the smallest cost, the real cost is in time, money and continuous care that needs to be given 365 days a year (Yes…rain, shine or snow!)

Chalie tacked upPonies need to be visited by the farrier/trimmer regularly, wormed, visited by the dentist every 12 months, fed, have turnout & shelter among other important factors. Horses and ponies are expensive to keep and their owners need to have extensive knowledge of equine welfare to ensure that the horse/pony is well looked after.

Here at Roylands Riding Stables we understand what its like to have a young child “nagging” every day about the perfect pony she desires, all because of the “my little pony” craze! So why not give them the opportunity to feel like they own a pony without the huge cost and time that you would need to dedicate with buying your own?

From £60.00 – £80.00 per person per session, Structured 9.30am – 5pm.

Included in the session cost:

  • ½ hour group tuition
  • 1 hour countryside hack
  • Stable management lesson
  • The responsibility to groom, tack up and untack the pony on each activity
  • The responsibility to look after the stable for the pony
  • The responsibility to care for the ponies needs (ie: feeding, tack cleaning etc..)

“Its a great learning experience looking after my own pony and we have some great fun together too!”

stable managementBeing regularly used in the riding school all of our horses and ponies are well cared for, steady, reliable and are used to being handled. There is always BHS qualified staff on the yard and someone to ask for help/advice. The stable management will cover all of the basic knowledge needed to ensure an everlasting bond has been created for a great loving relationship.

Please bring a packed lunch. Hats are provided, footwear is also available.